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Accessible Tourism

The common areas and hotel rooms have been meticulously designed to meet individual needs including those guests with disability.

The hotel continues investing in technology, equipment and strategies that increase the autonomy of our guests as well as improving service quality by qualifying the staff.

Regular trainings are conducted aiming broadening the knowledge of those who are in direct contact with these guests.

"Accessible Tourism" is considered as a set of infrastructures, equipments and services that enable all people, with or without limitations to stay at our hotel and participate in all activities without particular barriers.





Infrastructure and Services

Access to the hotel


Temporary Parking next to the reception area for a shorter, quick access.


Two parking-lot places for people with reduced mobility properly sized and marked with the symbol of accessibility.


Ramp and stairs accompanied by handrails to access the hotel entrance.


Automatic main door, opening whenever a person approaches, works 24 hours a day in front of the reception.




Two areas of Lower counters to make check in.


In these areas it is possible to make a rotation of 360 ° with a wheelchair.


Mobility inside the hotel

· In the common areas you can make a rotation of 360º with a wheelchair.
· There are pictograms throughout the hotel that allow guests orientation.


Common areas have accessible facilities with alarm.


Baby changing facilities and a bathroom sized to children.


Panoramic lift to the rooms, with load capacity of 630 kg.

Alternatively, there are stairs with handrails. The arrival levels of the elevators, stairs or ramps, always allow free rotation of 360 ° of the wheelchair.



Standard rooms (26 rooms of which 8 are interconnecting)


Are thematic using local cultural aspects


They are only suitable for people with mild mobility problems.


Junior Suites (2 junior suites)

The spacious areas are equipped with removable furniture and optional equipment – technical support.

The hotel features a junior suite with floating floor and one with carpet.


Articulated beds


Wardrobe adapted.




"Rollin-shower" with removable folding seat on the wall, with the support bar. The height of the shower tap (single lever) is suitable. In the shower area is available, at a comfortable height, the supports for toiletries.


Thematic lovers Suites (4 suites)

Spacious, they are a good alternative to the Junior Suites. Although they don’t have articulated beds, they have other advantages over the standard rooms, in particular the area of movement of persons with reduced mobility that can be increased by removing some accessory furniture.


In the tub it is possible to place a support chair (rotating) or a bath board, enabling its use by people with balance difficulties and others.


The "Rollin-shower" allows the entrance of a sanitary wheelchair or placing a shower chair. It is possible to add a removable support to shower.
Washrooms allow lateral access and come with single lever faucets.


Restaurant / bar


The main access is made from the hall/reception through glass doors lined with decorative elements which enable the limits to enter in this space.


The restaurant furniture can be repositioned according to the needs and there are several tables types (round tables, tables without standing center).


Spa and Wellness Area

The interior space allows the movement of persons with reduced mobility, the corridors are wide, that allow making rotations of 360 degrees in a wheelchair.


The indoor pool is accessible via a hydraulic chair. It has capacity for people up to 140 kg and can also be installed in the outdoor pool.


The spa area has toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Treatment rooms


In the wellness area the SPA treatment couches are height adjustable via electric controls and there is the possibility of adapting our treatments and massage to the guests needs.




The furniture can be removed or repositioned to create larger traffic lanes.




They can receive various types of events and arrangements, with good accessibility both for participants and for speakers. The arrangement of chairs is made according to the needs which allows adjusting the convenience of participants in the event.


Access is done by lift or stairs.


Outdoor Swimming Pool and Garden


A stone path takes you to the playground and area of aromatic and medicinal plants. It is accessible but accompaniment is recommended if you have any reduced mobility.


The outdoor pool is accessible via hydraulic chair and also by a handrail placed in the pool that goes down to the water height and monitors the water level in the length of the pool.


Technical support provided by the hotel

At this time, the technical “support” available are:
· Wheelchair;;
· Bath Wheelchair;
· Transfer Board;
· Kit for guide dog (basket to sleep, feeder and drinker);
· Walker;
· Raised toilet seat;
· Crutches/walking stick;
· Acessible Kit (ruller, magnifying glass, mobile phone).

Special Resources

· Drawdown of rebounds and architectural barriers;
· Ergonomic furniture and heights adapted for wheelchairs;
· Accessible lifts;
· Resting Areas - fixed benches and furniture;
· Disabled toilets;
· Targeted lighting;
· Menus printed in large format;
· Menus e itinerário turístico impresso a braille;
· Easy writting printed texts;
· Kit for guide dog (pad, feeder and drinker);
· Texts with pictographic support;
· Games and exploration activities.
· Adapted texts - children's books;
· Games and exploration activities.

Complementary Services (by appointment)

· Physiotherapy sessions;
· Nursing service;
· Excursions in adapted vans;
· Transport service in adapted vehicles;
· Daily life activities Service