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Hotel for all

Created from scratch, commom spaces and hotel rooms have been meticulously designed to meet the individual needs of guests also ensuring appropriate solutions for people with reduced mobility.
Improvements in service, by the hotel's employees and a special and permanent attention to clients, are a constant concern of Real Abadia Congress & Spa Hotel. For this reason the hotel conducts regular training aimed at broadening the knowledge of those who are in direct contact with guests.

Evidence of this concern is the company's quality policy:
"We work continuously to ensure that the experiences of our guests / clients are unique, extraordinary and unforgettable without forgetting environmental sustainability and accessibility for all.

Each client is unique and should be treated as such, he must feel special in our Hotel. Our client is always in first place and that is our main goal, and to do so we anticipate the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations, while maintaining a positive and pleasant attitude towards the customer."

In this view, we understand that the "Accessible Tourism" should be considered as a set of infrastructures, equipments and services that enable all people, with or without limitations, to enjoy stays and activities without particular barriers.
If necessary, we adapt our facilities to the guests needs, we provide a set of technical aids for free and we provide assistance in booking external services of physiotherapy.