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Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to providing environmentally conscious accommodation, dining and Spa services. Our aim is to ensure long-term sustainability while meeting costumer’s expectations regarding quality and affordability.

For this purpose, measures have been taken in keeping with the hotel’s features and requirements. Environmental impact as well as convenience, availability and pricing are the main criteria in the development of our policies and in the choice of products on offer.

We are working alongside our partners and providers in order to preserve the principles described above.

Our goals are:
· To promote the continuous improvement of environmentally responsible behavior;
· To actively prevent pollution;
· To abide by all legal requirements;
· To reduce energy consumption and limit the use of natural resources;
· To reduce light, noise and odor emissions;
· To prioritize recycled and recyclable products;
· To apply the correct package disposal procedures.

We provide waste disposal services such as:
· Used battery containers (i.e. Pilhão) which are forwarded onto evaluation centers;
· Individual bins for paper, plastic and metal (i.e. EcoPonto) for a more effective collection process;
· Suitable used cooking oil containers which are removed by a certified company.