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Our quality policy


We strive for effectiveness and transparency while prioritizing the utmost quality in all our services. Meeting and exceeding our Guests’ needs and expectations is achieved by utilizing all the potential found within the hotel’s human, material and financial resources. We are also building and strengthening partnerships with companies in order to promote local brands and products, becoming a recognized institution in the process.


We hope to develop lasting relationships with Guests by creating world-class, innovative and memorable experiences. Each Guest is unique and special and deserves to be treated as such with a positive and appealing attitude. Our primary concern is to excel in anticipating their requirements and surpassing their  expectations.


In order to achieve our goals:
· We respect cultural identity and diversity and honor each individual’s right to dignity;
· We look for ways to improve our local community;
· We encourage innovation and embrace change;
· We look to further our knowledge by establishing a learning environment;
· We will not rest until the needs and expectations of our Guests, Partners, Collaborators and Owners are met and exceeded;
· We are committed to excellence.

Our Quality Policy and its principles are reviewed on a yearly basis and its implementation assessed quarterly. Such periodicity is integral to the quality of the service and looks to continuously improve the handling of Guests’ needs and expectations.