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Actions to face Covid 19

At Real Abadia Congress & Spa Hotel, we continuously monitor the evolution of COVID-19 in Portugal and, especially, in our region.
Our main priority is the health, well-being and safety of our guests and employees. For this reason, we have adopted a set of procedures and routines that meet the recommendations of the World Health Organization, General Directorate of Health and Tourism of Portugal.
We guarantee the fulfillment of the criteria of the “Clean & Safe” and “Safe Travels” seal and continually reassess the need to improve or implement actions that can guarantee more security to our guests.




What are our hygiene and safety procedures?

• We regularly train our employees on hygiene measures and the procedures to be adopted;
• We encourage more frequent cleaning of the hands of our employees;
• We have established more demanding cleaning and hygiene protocols, especially in areas where the risk of transmission is bigger (such as door handles, light switches, telephones, tablets and computer keyboards, elevator buttons, washbasin taps, handles cisterns, tables, benches, chairs, handrails, for example);
• We implemented the use of a mask for all employees during the performance of their tasks;
• We perform online check-in, which reduces the time that guests stay at the reception;
• We measure the temperature of guests upon arrival. Guests whose body temperature is above 37.5º are invited to contact Linha Saúde 24 and act in accordance with the instructions given;
• We adopted meal shifts in order to reduce the number of guests in the dining room;
• We increased the detachment between tables in the dining room;
• We provide dispensers with hand sanitizer in various public areas of the hotel;
• We have implemented procedures to deal with guests or employees who may be ill;
• Our swimming pools, sauna, and Turkish bath can be used and their use is controlled to guarantee the conditions of safety and proper hygiene.
• It is possible to book massages and treatments from the SPA menu. We advise you to reserve these services in advance to ensure their availability.


Help us to achieve our goals and, for the benefit of all, follow these guidelines:

• Wash your hands frequently or use our dispensers with hand sanitizer;
• Maintain a social distance of at least one meter between people.
• Avoid handshakes and hugs;
• When coughing, use a tissue and dispose it of immediately. Then wash your hands.
• If you do not have a handkerchief on hand, you should cough into your elbow.
• Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth.
• We recommend the use of masks.


We are here to receive you safely!

If you already have a reservation, we are looking forward to welcoming you and we assure that we are taking all necessary precautions to offer you a safe and healthy environment.
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us at geral@realabadiahotel.pt.

Updated: September 16, 2020